Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remember Who You Are....

The title of my new blog has been a Parker Family mantra for as long as I can remember... I'm pretty sure that it originated from my Grandmother Campbell who used to recite it whenever her children ventured out into the small community of Lexington, AL. Sayings like this and family identity have been a huge part of making me into the person that I am today. My siblings and I have tried to take them into our families whereever we can. I think of my Mom and Dad when I recite these pearls of wisdom and recieve the incredulous stares from our children in return. Family is important. It defines who you are......and what you represent. My Grandmother Parker was also a unique lady.... full of fire and love of family and friends that was never more evident than during family gatherings and holidays. All were welcome, invited or uninvited, family or not. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I'm blessed to have been raised by two of the most extraordinary, kind, and passionate people that I will ever know. To complete the trifecta, my children, who will, in all likelihood, be the subjects of most of my future blogs, are two of the most kind, creative, and GOOD boys that you will ever meet. When I look at the adult, son, husband, and father that I've become, I could not be more proud of the roots and origins that have made me into the person that I am.

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