Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

When I think of my Dad, so many things come to mind... My Mom refers to him as a southern gentleman (and does her best to help him look like one whenever possible) but I think he has always considered himself just a country boy. He has a story or saying for every situation.. He is a legendary storyteller and is "talked into" telling one at every family gathering, party, or get-together. I've been told that I'm a good storyteller too on occasion, and I think of Dad every time. A golfer that introduced me to the sport (a little later than he would have like, but..) and gave me the tools to do it. A fisherman that knew Fox Creek like the back of his hand and gave us the gift of just enjoying dropping a line in the water, whether anything bit or not. The rides there and back were jut as memorable in that gold El Camino listening to 8 tracks of Waylon, Willie, and the Statler Brothers... I never remember my Dad getting angry, unless one of us was disrespectful to my Mom or another adult. Manners mattered.. Always. That's a lesson that I have tried to pass on to my boys... Respect and understanding where you came from were important too. All the stories that Mom and Dad have told weren't just stories, they were history lessons that taught me who I am.

I love my Father. I will never be able to repay him for what he's taught me. About being a man, father, husband, worker, brother, and human being... At the end of the day, I hope i am what my Dad taught me to be ... My greatest hope is to live up to his example. I'm just a country boy and a southern gentleman here in Louisiana, and I'd never want to be anything else. I love you, Dad... Happy Fathers Day!

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