Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Father the Storyteller...

My dad has always been an exceptional storyteller. Whether it's the Christmas Story every year during the holidays or the yarns that he spins in Sunday School after being egged on by his friends, his ability to captivate a group of people is truly a gift. We have always marveled at his recall. After hearing a story once or twice, he has it...down to the last inflection and tone..

Dads catalogue includes Jerry Clower favorites, fables, fish tales, an endless array of stories from his childhood and adolescence on the farm, colorful tales from adulthood, Monsanto, and his experience as a son, husband, and father.

I am going to endeavor to capture his stories as often as I can and share them on my blog... Though you won't get to hear the inflection and the masterful way that he tells his stories, I think that you will hopefully get a glimpse of one facet of the man that I most admire.

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