Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ider and the Poker Game....

The stories about Maw Ider are legendary... This is one of our favorites told by Dad... Also, I knew there was a reason why I was such a good poker player!

"See, Grandma Wiley....Mother's Mother... was a Kimbral... I think it was her brother's boy traveled all over the world gambling and playing Poker. Daddy said that everybody said he was the best in the world. He would go on riverboats and trains. He would be gone for months.

Momma didn't approve of gamblin' and Daddy used to play in a Poker Game. One day Momma found out where the Poker game was. She took Daddy's pistol and them three babies.. And she went to that house. She walked in that door. They said there was a chair in her way. She kicked that chair out of her way, wavin' that pistol around. Men was jumpin out of windas. The back screen door was latched, and this guy couldnt get it open. So, he just backed up and took door and all. I would ask Momma, cause I always wanted to know if that story was true.. Momma would always just smile and drop her head and she never would tell me. So when Bill, Cliff, Dan, and CB all got jobs at Wolverine, I was Daddy's main man and helping take care of his business and take care of his farming operation. I was 17 or 18 years old. One day, me and Daddy was sittin' out on the front porch. I said, "Daddy, I wanna ask you a question.."... now, Daddy was quiet... never did say a whole lot..."I wanna ask you a question. Ever since I been knee-high I've heard this story about Momma breakin up the Poker game wavin' your pistol around... I wanna know if this story is true..." Daddy just sat there for what seemed like 10 minutes, and these were the words he finally said, "Damn foolish woman..." So I know it was true. The reason that I bet Momma wouldnt say nothin was that they tied up about that a million time. I bet Daddy was embarrassed, you know..."

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